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Democrats Could Have A Problem Finding A Presidential Candidate For 2020

Democrats could find themselves in a bind. Those in the party who are considered very good candidates are getting old.

The problem facing the Party is finding a worthy person under the age of 55. Democrats are struggling in many areas.

The Democrats have people like Joe Biden in their camp.  He will soon be 80 years old by the next Election.

There is lack of leadership and fundraising ability. Reports indicate there are 1000 less Democrats in office. This is based on numbers from 2008-9.

Barack Obama’s two term reign as President has ended, leaving what seems like a lull. Republicans now control about 2/3 of the Government.

Democrats have to find a way to draw better prospects into their camp. To win the Elections in 2020 they will need good footing.


Looking for a credible person under the age of 55 is next to impossible. Howard Dean a former Presidential candidate had this to say. He said “that person doesn’t exist.”

He also said “I have nothing against any of the people my age who will run. But I really do believe that if we’re going to appeal to the younger generation, we’ve got to change the party.”

What does he mean change the party? One of the biggest problems Democrats face is the loss of connection with supporters.

Could the solution be gaining the confidence of supporters? If so, how do the Democrats go about this? Since Hilary Clinton lost to Trump things have certainly changed.

Bernie Sanders and his aging counterparts are well known. Maybe they can offer more to those who may wish to join the party. They have been around a long time and should be able to offer advice.

The first step is to find interested qualified persons and then pass on that knowledge.


Trump may have his failings, but he still has a large following. His dominance of the news headlines is working for him at present.

Many believe that Trump may not regain the Presidency. The problem though is who will contest Trump, if he runs again?

Worst yet for the party is what some see as inward fighting. The California Democratic Party is having problems. Kelly Ellis lost to Eric Bauman for the Chairman post. Ellis was supported by Sanders during that campaign.

Ellis lost by 200 votes but refuses to concede defeat. They are facing money issues as well. Many of the small donors who gave much needed support are gone. The GOP has taken their place and have benefited significantly.

Democrats need more than a leader, money and good contenders. They also need a message. This message must be captivating and desirous. They will always be promises which will be broken.

But if a message is clear and for the people it can work. The timing must be right and in line with the feelings of the people.

A message like this could work. Question is will Democrats be able to recover?

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