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Did Anthony Scaramucci Resign Or Was He Fired?

Trump has done it again. Yet another person feels the wrath of Trumps popular hire and fire method. What is significant about this move? Scaramucci didn’t hold this position very long. His time at the White House was only ten days.

Some say resignation, some say he was fired. What really happened is another story. What is also very notable is that this happened after Kelly started his role. It is believed that the resignation or firing of Scaramucci is a move by Kelly.


It is pretty clear that Kelly had an agenda from the get go. Trump had earlier in the day tweeted there was no WH chaos. Now the White House sees yet another person with a leading role exiting.

It is still unclear if Scaramucci will receive another position.If he does it will have to be a lower position. John Kelly is very assertive and will carry out his agenda, once Trump agrees.

There are some who believe Trump still values Scaramuci, but wonder if he would take a lesser job.

He was originally to start working August 15, but seemed to have started before that date. That means he has lost his position 15 days before his official start. Shortly after America knew about the hiring of Scaramucci, he verbally attacked Priebus. He said that he was a “paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac.” Priebus had also resigned as well.

What Is Next ?

What is next for Trump and his team is the question? Some also believe that Mr. Kushner, Ms. Trump and Mr. Bannon may be in the way of Kelly. If that is the case, the White House may be in for another shake up.

Even though Kelly has Trump’s support at the moment, he still has to tread carefully. Messing with the wrong persons could be catastrophic.

When Scaramucci first attacked Priebus, Trump seemed to like what he did. That all changed when Trump talked with Kelly and others. He was now seen as a liability and an embarrassment to Trump.

The only person who should be making nasty comments should be Trump. That seems to be resonating, since Trump has done the very same thing.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son in law Jared encouraged the President to hire Scarmucci. The belief is that he was hired to help get rid of Priebus.

Scaramucci boasted that he only reported to Trump directly, but the swearing in of the Chief of Staff changes that. Since Kelly is the one that asked for his removal.

Looks like one must be careful what they say. What you say may very well cost you.

Well fired or not, one thing is sure. Scaramucci is no longer the Communications Director. If you want to be removed from your current position, just talk what you shouldn’t.

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