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President Trump’s Nominee For Supreme Court Believes Special Counsel Necessary But No Indictment For Trump

Brett Kavanaugh was chosen by President Trump as his pick for the Supreme Court void left by Justice Anthony Kennedy.

He recently shared his sentiments regarding the ongoing Russian probe about election meddling.

He felt that the decision to have a Special Counsel investigate the matter was important but Trump shouldn’t be touched.

This however could be viewed as a red flag as Kavanaugh could be set on protecting the very person who elected him for the post.

If this was the case it won’t sit well with those who have issues with Trump’s tactics.

Good Call

It was reported that Kavanaugh told Senators that it was appropriate to have a Special Counsel to investigate election meddling.

He however was against indicting a President with criminal charges. He felt that the Senate should find a way to impeach or remove a President.

His explanation received the nods up by some who felt that he spoke well on the matter.

“What he was saying is there are devices to remove a president at such time that you could carry on prosecution,” Thom Tillis said. “So he was talking more about process.”

Tillis added: “I thought it made perfect sense. You’d have to really distort his words not to come to the same conclusion.”


This leaves the question about what Robert Mueller can possibly do in reference to what Kavanaugh said.

Stephen Vladeck, a law professor at the University of Texas and CNN legal analyst felt many things were left unanswered.

“Does Mueller therefore have the power to enforce a subpoena against Trump?” Vladeck pondered.

Vladeck added, “Is the provision protecting Mueller from being fired without good cause also constitutional?”

“The independent counsel is, of course, distinct from the traditional special counsels who are appointed by the Attorney General for particular matters,” Kavanaugh wrote. “Those special counsels ordinarily report to and are removable by the Attorney General or the Deputy Attorney General.”

It seemed as though the President was now using his choice for Supreme Court choice to help his case.

The President had denied on many occasions that there was any Russian collusion.

He had also claimed that Russia wasn’t involved while in Helsinki, only to retract his statement later.

Trump fumbled on many occasions when it came to the probe and Intel Leaders said there was interference.

Despite the proof Trump was set on having a closer relation with President Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Could Trump be seeking to take the Pressure off his back by having Kavanaugh say the things he did?

Or is he just giving his genuine take on the matter?

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