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Could President Trump’s Invitation Be A Sign That He Is Obsessed With Vladimir Putin?

President Trump left many people in his homeland shocked by his invitation to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Just days after changing his tone on Russia about their involvement in election meddling, Trump brought more dismay.

What he did left many Intel leaders and other high profile persons in the political sphere baffled.

It was now considered a certainty that Trump was obsessed with Putin and this invitation may have proven that.

Democrats were upset that Trump didn’t stand up to Putin during his visit to Europe. He however tried to change what he said once he returned home and many people felt he was afraid of Putin.


The President said he misspoke regarding his response to a question about Russia interfering in the 2016 Presidential Elections.

If that was the case no one would have expected the President to send an invitation to Putin.

Since Trump was now saying they had some involvement it came as a shock that he would invite him over.

When the natter was announced on National television the despair could be seen on the faces of those on air.

It was obviously a shocking revelation and what Trump would do next was a wonder.


The biggest question was probably why the President would do such a thing.

Trump was known for his unorthodox approach, which didn’t always work well for him.

Another issue present was the desire to have 12 Russians sent to the U.S. for questioning regarding election meddling.

However Putin said he would allow an American law enforcement agent to witness questioning in Russia.

How much of a help that would be was uncertain, but the White House seemed to set on having them come to the U.S. Trump considered the offer by Putin an incredible one.

“It is a proposal that was made in sincerity by President Putin, but President Trump disagrees with it,” Sarah Sanders said. “Hopefully President Putin will have the 12 identified Russians come to the United States to prove their innocence or guilt.”

Chuck Schumer felt the invitation was a bad idea.

“Until we know what happened at that two hour meeting in Helsinki, the President should have no more one-on-one interactions with Putin. In the United States, in Russia, or anywhere else,” he said.

Trump blamed the media calling them the real enemy of the people.

He tweeted, “The Summit with Russia was a great success, except with the real enemy of the people, the Fake News Media.”

It seemed very unlikely that the same media that portrays a story and it gets the approval because it helps should be receiving criticism because it exposes issues.

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