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President Trump Makes Claim Then Changes His Tune At NATO Summit

President Trump was considered an embarrassment by the Democrats who seemed set to make life hard for him.

Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi said that Trump was an embarrassment to the Country, condemning his statement.

The President said at the NATO Summit that he believed Germany was being controlled by Russia.

This didn’t go down very well with Chancellor Angela Merkel who responded to Trump in a most defiant manner.

Trump eventually changed his tune later as he claimed that they were having a great meeting.

“We’re having a great meeting. We’re discussing military expenditure … talking about trade,” Trump told reporters. “We have a very, very good relationship with the chancellor. We have a tremendous relationship with Germany,” he added.

Merkel Lashed Back

The Chancellor lashed back at Trump after he made remarks regarding Germany and its place in NATO.

Merkel said: “I have experienced myself how a part of Germany was controlled by the Soviet Union. I am very happy that today we are united in freedom, the Federal Republic of Germany. Because of that we can say that we can make our independent policies and make independent decisions. That is very good, especially for people in eastern Germany.”

She made it clear that Germany had been doing there part in the process for NATO.

“Germany is the second largest provider of troops, the largest part of our military capacity is offered to NATO and until today we have a strong engagement towards Afghanistan. In that we also defend the interests of the United States.”

Bad Reflection

Democrats were appalled with the way Trump handled International matters. Pelosi and Schumer felt that Trump needed to be careful what he said and did.

“The President needs to remember that, as Commander-in-Chief, his duty is to protect the American people from foreign threats, not to sell out our democracy to Putin,” they added.

“President Trump’s brazen insults and denigration of one of America’s most steadfast allies, Germany, is an embarrassment. His behavior this morning is another profoundly disturbing signal that the president is more loyal to [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin than to our NATO allies,” they added.


Trump lashed out at Germany with the assertion they weren’t doing their part.

“I think it is very sad when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia,” Trump said. “We are supposed to be guarding against Russia, and Germany goes out and pays billions and billions dollars a year to Russia.”

“We are protecting Germany, we are protecting France, we are protecting all of these countries and then numerous of the countries go out and make a pipeline deal with Russia where they are paying billions of dollars into the coffers of Russia. I think that is very inappropriate,” he added.

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