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Editor: David Maloniez
Email: dmaloniez@anythingpolitical.com
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Bio: David is a longtime political columnist who yearns to bring attention to matters that mean the most to the American people . He believes that the public should know the truth. His love for fairness is the driving force behind his articles. When he writes you can expect to see fairness for both sides.

Staff Writer: Jason Maldoray
Email: jmaldoray@anythingpolitical.com
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Bio: Jason Maldoray is an avid political enthusiasts with a passion for writing on political topics. He believes in integrity and taking responsibility and reporting the facts. Many of the articles he writes will showcase a unique perspective on the matters at hand.

Staff Writer: Lisa Dalacey
Email: ldalacey@anythingpolitical.com
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Bio: Lisa Dalacey is one of the newest members to the Anything Political team. She is a wife and mother who likes to write on articles that focus on the empowerment and equality of everyone. She tries to keep her stance on political issues neutral.

Staff Writer: Melissa Saunders
Email: msaunders@anythingpolitical.com
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Melissa Saunders has been writing articles in the political arena for the past 10 years for varying websites. She started writing as a second job, but has recently come on board as a full time writer at Anything Political.

Staff Writer: Monica Robinson
Email: mrobinson@anythingpolitical.com
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Monica is the assistant editor of Anything Political. She has been writing on topics varying from political to health for the past 6 years. Her desire is to keep people informed giving them both sides of the equation. Her interest in politics is no coincidence. Monica believes politics affect everyone. Anything Political is a product of that belief.

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